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What is an eBay Link and is it safe?

We have been using the eBay Linking service since 2017.  It allows us to place bids without you having to share your eBay login information with us.  This is the safest way to allow services, like ours, to place bids for you on eBay.  Over 5,000,000 snipes have been placed using this system!

We take security very seriously here at AuctionStealer.  You have full control over what services are linked to your eBay account.  At anytime, you can remove access, from within your My eBay account, to our service.  This will immediate revoke our access to your account and all future snipes will fail.

Our service does not access any personal information.  We simply use the link to validate your eBay account, place bids and check the outcome of snipes that you have entered into our system.

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